Beat Divas CDs

In Austin, Texas, you can find our CDs at Waterloo Records, Lamar at 6th Street.

The Beat Divas: Live at Reed’s

The Beat Divas capture all the energy and charm of their stage performance in this debut CD,
recorded live at Reed’s Jazz & Supper Club in Austin, Texas, November 2002.

Songs on the CD:
1. Centerpiece
2. Hit that Jive Jack
3. How Did You Get Me So Undone
4. Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard
5. There Once Was a Man Named John
6. Straighten Up and Fly Right
7. Girls Just Gotta Swing
8. A Little Bit of Chocolate
9. That’s Bebop
10. Easy Street
11. Route 66
12. So Hot
13. Hard Times
14. The Word Song

Dishin’ with the Divas: Songs of Food, Love & Mayhem
After years of giving cooking classes at Central Market Cooking School,
we gathered our original food songs into a food-centric CD.
It’s delicious!

Songs on the CD:
1. Cookin’ in the Kitchen
2. Sweet Potato Jive
3. Little Bit of Chocolate
4. Hog Fat
5. Blame It on the Devil
6. Sweet Treat
7. Cuppa Joe
8. Tomato Blues
9. Better Not Drink the Water
10. Fast Food Junkie
11. In My Mother’s House