The Beat Divas

Mady Kaye, Beth Ullman, Dianne Donovan -- Photo by Kathy Whittaker


What do great cooking and great singing have in common?  The Beat Divas!  Austin’s sassy vocal trio has chops in the kitchen to match their hilarious and original food-centric songs, like Hog Fat, Sweet Potato Jive, and Tomato Blues.

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“Cookin’ in the kitchen on a Saturday night,
Cookin’ with my baby, everything is just right,
Turnin’ up the burner, a-cookin’ it hot,
Throw in a little spice, better show me what you got
Spoonin’ up love into every bite, ’cause tonight,
We’re cookin’ in the kitchen.”
Cookin’ in the Kitchen, © 2004 Mady Kaye