Further Reviews

International Association of Culinary Professionals Conference online review:
“Music spiced up the evenings throughout the city. Even our IACP breakfast included music as the Beat Divas (three Texas cooking and singing talents) belted out their original tunes including “Hog Fat” and “Fast Food Junkie.” Their sweet potato jive sounds were a clever mix of jazz, rock and Texas swing.”
– Sherrel Jones  6/15/11

The Boswell Sistersmeet Crosby, Stills and Nash – and haven’t
forgotten Stephen Foster. I love it.”
–John Aielli, Host of Eklektikos, KUT-FM Public Radio

“…one of the best, and surely the most polished performance by a singing group to be seen in Austin — or anywhere. Kaye, Ullman and Donovan each have separate careers, performing alone or in other combos, teaching, hosting radio shows, etc. But when they’re together, they are SO together. Close harmonies, jazzy body language and snappy repartee, slinky black cocktail dresses and sexy high heels. These Divas rock!”
–Dot Fowler, Lake Travis View

“Sexy, sassy and swingin’.”
–Dick Gimble, Bassist for Johnny Gimble’s “Texas

“Conventional wisdom tells us that three women, let alone three Divas, will not play well together and that too many cooks will spoil a dish. Throw conventional wisdom out the window this time, because the three multi-talented women who make up The Beat Divas have hit on the perfect recipe, their voices blending seamlessly in delicious harmonies. Any performance cooked up by these Divas is bound to be a very tasty treat!”
–Virginia B. Wood, Food Editor, The Austin Chronicle

“When jazz vocalists Beth Ullman, Mady Kaye and Dianne Donovan get together as a trio, you’ve got the ultimate entertainment experience known as The Beat Divas. Put these ladies into an intimate venue… and you’ve got the makings for an unforgettable evening.”
–Ken Martin, Editor, The Good Life

“Working with The Beat Divas was a delight! These modern day Sirens packed the house for our St. Cecelia Jazz Festival, only releasing the audience after a spell-binding concert.”
Scott McNulty, Founder/Director St. Cecelia Jazz Festival,

“The Beat Divas performance at the Texas Daily Newspaper Association’s 2004 Annual Meeting this past week was outstanding. Everyone present thoroughly enjoyed the group’s exceptional talent, and your colorful and entertaining production provided the ideal way to close out a long day and a delightful evening.”
-Donnis Baggett, TDNA President and Publisher/Editor of The Eagle, Bryan, TX

“… three chanteuses in black cocktail dresses… known collectively as The Beat Divas, Mady Kaye, Beth Ullman and Dianne Donovan combined casual banter and tight three-part harmony to enthrall a capacity crowd of 500.”
–Paul Klemperer, in a review of St. Cecelia Jazz Festival, XLENT, Austin American Statesman

“When music is concerned, sometimes one plus one plus one adds up to more than three. That’s the case with the Austin-based Beat Divas, a female trio whose collective harmonies bring something distinctive to jazz vocals.”
–Carl Hoover, Entertainment Editor, Waco Tribune-Herald

“Three magical voices come together, weaving an evening of musical energy loaded with humor and surprises that no audience can forget.”
–Zea Calvin, Waterloo Ice House

“How about a hot night of jazz with three great singers? Then The Beat Divas performance at Wimberley Winter Jazz is the right date to make.”
Wimberley View, Life & Arts