Please assist our changing email set up!

Hello friends.
The Beat Divas are about to change our electronic mail outs, and we need your help. Those of you receiving this email – who have not had another email from the Divas or Mady Kaye this week – will fall off this list if you do not let us know you’d like to stay on it. Our current mail host, Feedburner, was sold to another company, and now we cannot access our mailing list. So we’re changing over to Mailchimp.  And we’d like to take you with us, but we don’t actually know who you are. So you see the dilemma.
Please send an email to: and let us know you’d like to be on our mailing list. This will be the ONLY email to give you this heads up. If you don’t reply, this will be your last note from the Beat Divas. Reminds us of the graffiti on the men’s room wall in the Continental Club (tsk, we never saw it first hand), that says: “If your phone doesn’t ring, you’ll know it’s me.”
Thanks friends.
All our best — Mady, Dianne & Beth

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